Multos International Strategic Partner of Elo for International Cards

ELO International cardsMultos International has launched the latest MULTOS chip product, now certified for international card issuing for Elo, the largest Brazilian credit card brand. As the competition intensifies in the Brazil payment card market, Elo wanted to extend its current domestic EMV credit and debit cards, to offer Elo cardholders the convenience to make payments when travelling abroad. This was made possible because of Elo’s technology approach, and the capability of the MULTOS product to provide a secure and flexible platform for EMV card applications to operate on the same chip to accommodate domestic and international acceptance.

Our team in Brazil worked together with Elo to help define the best card parameters and profiles for the 2 on-card EMV applications to work together. We are pleased to announce the availability of the very first approved products to meet the Elo interna-tional card requirements, with 2 product configurations available: MULTOS MC4 ELO INT 18K for DDA and MULTOS step/one SC4 ELO INT 10K for SDA. “We understand that the internationalization of the Elo payment brand is extremely important to the Brazilian card market and also an example to other regional payment schemes of how it is possible to bring secure, advanced payments to their cardholders”, said Richard Cusson, General Manager, Multos International. “And since it is MULTOS technology, the card issuers are able to rely on the best supply chain flexibility of any platform, and of course the renowned security of the technology”.

With millions of Elo cardholders already using MULTOS-based products in their domestic cards today, we are looking forward to working with the Brazil banks and card vendors to offer the next step in cardholder value with international acceptance. Our technical, commercial and marketing team based in Brazil are ready to provide the local support today.