Santander Mexico moves to MULTOS Technology for future advanced card projects

Multos International today announces that Santander (México) S.A, one of the largest issuers in México for credit/debit cards and part of the Santander global banking group, has chosen to migrate to MULTOS chip card technology for their card products. MULTOS is a smart card operating system based on an open standard governed by the MULTOS Consortium, an open industry forum comprised of more than 20 leaders of the smart card ecosystem. MULTOS is an open, high security, multi-application platform, defining a complete issuing environment. The technology brings operational benefits to card issuers and bureaus, such as more efficient personalization and reduced scripting and key management, compared to competing technologies.

"This is great step for Santander to start working on their next generation of card products, including the growing area of contactless, and taking advantage of the flexibility and simplicity in the supply chain that MULTOS brings", said Richard Cusson, Managing Director of Multos International.
"This proves the continued growth of MULTOS offerings for EMV issuance throughout the region, and validates its technical benefits as financial, electronic voucher programs and government applications move to more secure chip technology."


Editor's note: EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa; SDA stands for Static Data Authentication; DDA stands for Dynamic Data Authentication; there are globally certified application protocols and technology standard for secure payment transactions

Grupo Financiero Santander México, S.A.B. de C.V. (Santander México), one of Mexico's leading financial services holding companies, provides a wide range of financial and related services, including retail and commercial banking, securities brokerage, financial advisory and other related investment activities. Santander México offers a multichannel financial services platform focused on mid- to high-income individuals and small- to medium-sized enterprises, while also providing integrated financial services to larger multinational companies in Mexico. As of September 30, 2014, Santander México had total assets of Ps.930.4 billion under Mexican Banking GAAP and more than 11 million customers. Headquartered in Mexico City, the Company operates 1,042 branches and 257 offices nationwide and has a total of 15,404 employees.

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