TSYS Mexico launches new products using MULTOS Technology

Multos International today announces that Total System Services de México (TSYS), one of the largest financial services provider for credit/debit card issuers, will use its MULTOS chip card technology solutions in their latest EMV services offering to support banks and financial institutions. The new product launch includes support for a full range of technology options from SDA to DDA/CDA and dual interface, utilising MULTOS technology with payment applications from Multos International, approved by the major payment brands. TSYS solutions simplify the entire process for their issuer customers providing them guidance along the full cycle from product planning to final production.

Hugo Torres, IT Director of TSYS de Mexico says, "Multos International offers a wide range of chip technology options to meet our demanding requirements. The impressive level of support for a smooth migration and assistance to facilitate new product introduction for our bank customers, was a fundamental factor in our decision to use MULTOS technology." TSYS has also recently joined the MULTOS Consortium and is already working on several EMV issuing projects in Mexico.

"We are very happy to assist TSYS in their program to implement MULTOS in their facility and being able to offer new smartcard-based services", said Richard Cusson, Managing Director of Multos International, "this further underpins the growing strength and continued relevance of our MULTOS technology offerings for EMV issuing throughout the region, and we look forward to building a strong partnership with TSYS."


Editor's note: EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa; SDA stands for Static Data Authentication; DDA stands for Dynamic Data Authentication; there are globally certified application protocols and technology standard for secure payment transactions

About Total System Services (TSYS)
Total System Services de Mexico (TSYS) is a leading company with 19 years of experience in offering solutions of personalization and variable data printing in high volume to different segments of the market, primary for financial and loyalty program cards. Please visit for more information.

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