What is Real Time Enablement (RTE)?

RTE will revolutionise personalisation. MULTOS products are unique in the industry, utilising a cryptographic lock between each individual chip and the issuer or owner of the chip. This digital lock – or what is called enablement – activates a standard vanilla MULTOS chip, turning it into a targeted device that will only accept applications with correctly matching digital certificates to be loaded. This process has been successfully utilised to enable some 800+ million devices.

Real Time Enablement (RTE) is a significant advancement of the MULTOS specification to further enhance the MULTOS provisioning methods, allowing MULTOS devices to be activated live in real time, at the perso bureau. Products supporting RTE allow customers to choose which method to invoke during personalisation, and the OS will automatically configure itself without the need for any special commands.

Products supporting RTE (including our latest P17 platform series) take another step at improving the bureau processes by integrating the key management at the bureau, removing the need for card embedders to read the unique MULTOS serial number (MCD_ID).  Contact your regional Multos International sales representative for further information.