MULTOS IoT Dev Kit Now Available - May 2018

The MULTOS Consortium has launched a new development kit for design companies, professionals, device manufacturers and software developers focused on securing embedded devices in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The MULTOS “Trust Anchor” secure embedded SDK reduces the design effort for smart secure device projects requiring robust hardware root-of-trust protection, critical for many IoT solutions and businesses. Its flexibility allows a high-security microcontroller running the renowned MULTOS operating system to be designed in as either the main micro-controller at the heart of a connected secure device, or as a supporting secure co-processor.

Key features of the MULTOS technology which can be leveraged for smart secure devices include protecting the device runtime, ensuring the identity of endpoints, securing critical data, simplifying the provisioning process, with enhanced flexibility and life cycle management, all while supporting low power modes of operation.

The kit contains two MULTOS ML5 chips (microcontrollers preloaded with the MULTOS OS). One chip is on a breakout board for use with the feature rich development board for user friendly functional and multi-interface development and testing. The other on a bespoke prototyping board for easy progression to post development analysis and pre-manufacture testing. Comprehensive online support is provided along with reference software to allow rapid application development. Flexible debugging can be supported in the chip or in a simulator.

The kit is available for purchase from Universal Smart Cards (, a MULTOS Consortium Partner member within the MULTOS community.

Chris Allen, Managing Director at Universal Smart Cards said “We are pleased to extend our existing product and service offer with the new MULTOS “Trust Anchor” Development Kit. Security for IoT devices is becoming a concern for many companies in various markets and with additions such as this we are well placed to support developers and businesses wishing to enhance and protect their solutions and products”.

Paul Wilson, Commercial Manager of the MULTOS Consortium said “With its robust security and flexible management MULTOS technology is an ideal answer for many secure embedded device design requirements. MULTOS has now been incorporated within a number of connected devices, some of which are used in live products today. This easy to use and feature rich development kit will allow more developers, design companies, and manufacturers to easily leverage the great benefits MULTOS has to offer, thus protecting their devices, data, reputations and business longevity”.